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my belief
everybody in all of the word has many wishes that cannot meet them
but I think we can be person we want to be and do we what we want
because all of us have a double that who act based on our desires and wishes
everyone of us are a rial !! we are kings!!! that order obstacles to stop theire activity !
I discoverfd my double when I was a small girl
and now I thanks my parents because they refuse to meet my wishes
so I learn how I can gain everything
....that times when I was aboute 6 yearsold I was painting my ideals and wants
I was imagining (now and before) my magice ,romance,fables
then I was arriving my paintings I played a role in my paintings therfore I was satisfied and anymore donot want I cameback .
afterward I was friend my double
people around me think I am crasy
they think I am lier
but they dont know that I live in my dreamy universe
I enforce in my dreamy and gain power of my double and enter physical word
it is very interesting and easy action...but
if WE want